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Year of birth
Favorite techniques
Spray, Spray und Spray
Biggest role model/inspiration
Comics, Cartoons und Videospiel-Designs der 80er und 90er
Life motto/quote/philosophy
"Be dope and stay humble"
Just as the Cold War was reaching a new climax, the working-class city of Mannheim in 1981, as if in defiance, spat Pablo Fontagnier into into this cruel world. Not interested in going with the flow from day one trams without a ticket, stole wine gums, and even took the trams to the ticket, stole wine gums from the kiosk and smeared his changing names on the walls. He was a rebel to the core. In the 90s, Hombre discovered his passion for drawing and painting, which in future meant that not only his exercise books but also his mother's nerves had to suffer. Grafitti quickly provided the niche in which he felt comfortable. Influenced by the comics of his childhood, a lot of inhaled paint and graffiti icons like like can2, Atom and Mode2, he developed his own distinctive style. After school, Hombre continued to pursue his passion and also based his professional career accordingly. Today he can call himself illustrator and graphic designer with a clear conscience.

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/hombre_suk_trs/

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