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Biggest role model/inspiration
Clay, spray, spatula, iPad
Life motto/quote/philosophy
There is no spoon.
I was born in 2009. I work on the border of urban art, ceramics, sculpture and painting. I paint murals, canvases and create in-situ installations. Lace motifs quickly became my trademark.
Why lace? I don't know, I've never liked lace before. I became interested in these patterns when I started working with ceramics. All over the world this is one of the most popular ways of decorating dishes. The lace is pressed into the fresh clay and a pattern is created. One day I thought that these motifs are beautiful in themselves, they don't need an excuse such as a plate or a mug to exist. Before I started working with it, I thought lace was old-fashioned, a thing from my the grandmother's dusty apartment. Today I think that each lace hides harmony, balance and a sense of natural order. Isn't that what we're all instinctively looking for?

More Info:
Web: www.nespoon.art
Facebook: NeSpoon
Instagram: www.instagram.com/nes.poon/

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