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Year of birth
Favorite techniques
spraypaint, paint, concrete, tape, wood
Biggest role model/inspiration
Architecture, Life
Life motto/quote/philosophy
Love what you do... Do what you loveā€¦

Kai “Semor” lives, loves and works in Cologne/Germany. His roots come from the classical style writing as a representative of the graffiti movement. In his ”FluorSeries” he dedicated himself to abstract painting on mostly canvases at which he uses fluorescent red in combination with grey shades, white and black. Semor loves working with wood and recycled materials like metal and old frames or photography prints. Discarded objects are revived and refined, supplemented by graphic as well as abstract areas and shapes.

More Info:
Web: www.kai-semor.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kai_semor

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