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Maisel & Friends – Rum Bock – Barrel Aged 2023

Bockbier aged in rum barrels by Maisel & Friends

Our Rum Bock appears fox red and slightly cloudy in the glass. The creamy foam crown is accompanied by a wonderful scent of sweet marzipan, caramel and honey in combination with sour cherry and date. With the first sip, the sweet notes fully expand and fire on the taste buds with aromas of sour cherries, currants, marzipan and dates. Towards the finish, the sweetness becomes a little more intense and the aroma of caramel and honey underlines the pleasantly fruity acidity. A wonderful beer specialty that leaves you wanting more with every sip.
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Maisel & Friends
Alcohol by volume
8.4 %
18.4 °P
0.75 l
24.90 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens