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Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

IPA by Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Torpedo Extra IPA is produced in the Californian Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, which has been brewing craft beer since 1980 and has developed into one of the largest craft beer breweries in the USA. The Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA gets its name from an unusual type of dry hopping. The beer is pumped through a torpedo-like metal cylinder, which is filled with hops. As a result, all the hops come into direct contact with the beer. This process absorbs the aromatic oils and creates a wonderfully intense hop aroma. The hop bitterness does not come into its own as much due to the absorbed oils. At the same time, the Torpedo IPA also reflects aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. The interplay of the different aromas makes it a very balanced beer.
Sierra Nevada
Alcohol by volume
7.2 %
16.7 °P
Crystal, Citra, Magnum
0.355 l
6.40 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens